ColorGrail technology turns a smartphone into a professional grade spectrophotometer by including smart lighting and advanced data processing in a compact, wireless smartphone case* combined with our ColorGrail app.

Color and light are intricated: with each flash of our calibrated LEDs, the smartphone camera gathers information about the spectral response of a target. Data is then processed with our patented technology to reconstruct the spectral reflectance for perfect color measurements, independently of ambient light.

Our solution combines the portability and ease of use of digital cameras with the accuracy of professional spectrophotometers. It is the perfect match for those dealing with colors everyday with different stakeholders: brand and marketing departments; design and communication agencies; print shops; packaging firms and also paintwork industry, interiors designers, etc…

With our dedicated app, you can easily authenticate and share colors in an open cloud-based model. Read more about the full ColorGrail solution of Color Management as a Service.


*ColorGrail devices are available for iPhones 8, X, XS and XR with iOS 12 or more.