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« How could we leverage a smartphone to measure colors ? » : This question was the beginning of our adventure.

Color Grail Research was created back in 2015 by Franck Hennebelle, and after 4 years of research & development and 9 patents, our product is finally able to offer the portability of a smartphone with the precision of a spectrophotometer.


ColorGrail is now composed of a ten-people team based in Paris, France and we thrive on creating the best product and services to meet your needs.

Our multidisciplinarity from hardware to software allows us to handle every aspect of our mobile spectro.

Our product is entirely designed and handcrafted in France, and we work for color-demanding brands and industries related to graphic arts and design.

The color sector is limitless and a real challenge for numerous industries, and pushes us forward to meet your needs and address your challenges in a growing number of applications : interior design, automotive paint and even healthcare.

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